Sterling Decorating Services is committed to high standards of safety, health and welfare for its employees and others who may be affected by its work activites.

We have achieved accredition in the SMAS safety schemes.

Sterling Decorating Services believes that the effective management of enviromental issues is essential to the ongoing success of the business. We accept that our activities may impact on the enviroment and acknowledge our responsibilities in this area. The company is committed to compliance with all relevant legislation and associated guidance and will strive to reduce pollution to its lowest practicable level

Sterling Decorating Services opperates a modern apprentiship scheme with the cooperation of the Construction Industry Trainning Board.

We are a member of CAGE  

( North Nottinghamshire ) whos key objectives are to:

Inspire young people to consider career oppourtunities in Construction.

Recuit and train young people and adults developing their skills at all levels.

Promote the Investors in People Standard as a culture for development.